What’s included in my membership?

Our members automatically go on our First Steps to Fitness Program, this is a goal orientated program which because of it’s design enables instructors to coordinate and adapt all of our experience, facilities and services to suit your needs and your specific goals.


The First Steps to Fitness Program is done on a one 2 one basis and is completely free of charge, on it you will receive:

Step 1: A personalised lifestyle assessment Step 2: A complete and comprehensive introduction to our facilities services and staff. Step 3: A comprehensive cardio- vascular program Step 4: A resistance and core stability program


What makes GL Fitness different?

We have something money can’t buy – a PASSION for what we do!

  • Atmosphere – Comfortable and Inviting.
  • Staff – Friendly, helpful, & professional.
  • Service – Exceptional.
  • Follow-up – What most clubs won’t do after they have your money – to us it is ESSENTIAL!
  • Motivation – Some have, some don’t – we provide it.
  • Goals – Our job is to help you accomplish yours!